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    • NAB 2015 The broadcast industry's most innovative efforts to garner new users of mobile digital television (DTV) will be on display in Las Vegas at NAB 2015.

      Mobile Digital TV feeds local television programming on the go to smartphones, laptops, and portable media players.

      Mobile DTV Yes, it has arrived. For the past three years, deployment of Mobile DTV services and devices seemed destined to be the technological equivalent of waiting for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series: next year. But, after more than a decade of wrangling (remember the battle between COFDM and 8VSB in the early days of HD over which was best suited for Mobile DTV?), actual products that will be shipping in 2015 are on display at NAB.

      Perhaps with TV Everywhere apps providing the impetus, maintaining our OTA TV relationships while traveling in our motor vehicles can finally be realized. An ATSC Technology Group has taken the first step on the long road to approving a next-gen TV standard. ATSC 3.0 will be OTA IPTV . . . on steroids. Here's hoping.

      So what can consumers expect? In the next few months, a number of adapters and dongles will become available for products like the Apple iPhone and iPad, a phone from Samsung will have built-in Mobile DTV-reception capabilities, and RCA and others will roll out portable TV sets that can receive over-the-air DTV signals that can keep up with devices on the go.

      Most important, these devices will be able to receive content in more than 46 TV markets via more than 120 TV stations.

      Live simulcasts of the regular DTV signal can be available. There are, however, ongoing headaches. Rights issues loom as a threat to the popularity of Mobile DTV because it is unclear whether mobile devices fall under existing rights deals for over-the-air delivery to an HDTV set in a living room or whether new deals need to be negotiated. Hopefully, sanity will reign supreme and greed can take a backseat for once.

    • NIELSEN TO BRANCH OUT WITH ARBITRON Analysts suggest that Nielsen, long the primary source of television ratings, may see the value-added potential in Arbitron, specifically its cross-platform measurement service. Television watching is fragmenting among various technologies, including online, prompting complaints from television executives that Nielsen's ratings aren't capturing their complete audience. Arbitron has developed a pager-like device known as a "portable people meter" that survey participants wear. It monitors codes embedded in radio and TV audio streams, which lets Arbitron capture audience for various media wherever the person is, both inside and outside a home. "The ability to measure out of home is huge for Nielsen," said Steve Lanzano, chief executive of the TVB, the trade group for the broadcast television industry. "With Arbitron's PPM we can measure that audience and monetize it, "he added.


      • Consumers are deriving new TV-'TouchPoints' that will add to the ways we can 'view' television. Newly empowered is a coveted demographic segment {drivers/passengers} that will hear favorite TV shows in real time, as they happen. This added value for TV 'broadcasters' really matters in the increasingly fragmenting media free-for-all that lies ahead. Multi-functional cel phones and other portable devices will tune in O-T-A televised programming that can be heard in motor vehicles and be re-charged at the same time.

      • Local broadcast TV stations will be tuned to and the audio directed through any vehicle's existing sound system. Broadcast TV's Audio signals won't have to be relicensed, renegotiated, or repurposed in any way. They'll be delivered in real time with existing commercial and promotional content intact.

      • Specialty products, offering the latest and best features, can be jointly marketed with stations through their web-sites, driving traffic to sites and creating new revenue streams.

      • TV avids enjoy Free Broadcast TV on the go while valuable local TV brands are projected further into the marketplace.

      • Local TV's accessability, public-service, and buzz is enhanced as TV broadcasters both serve and deliver their users as never before.

      • People can enjoy their favorite TV shows all day and hear promos for evening Primetime programming.

      • Enhance Affiliate Relations by creating more mass for your Mass Medium and over-deliver for your advertisers.

      • Reach where cable can't follow and more completely quantify out of home usage.

      • People in participating markets become the most informed, entertained and, in emergencies, empowered populace on earth. Find Out More

      • Both drivers and passengers can enjoy dynamic sound from their favorite broadcast TV shows, even while stuck in traffic. Just remember:


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      By targeting drivers of motor vehicles, our mission is to increase value for Broadcast Television outlets, their advertisers and viewers/users, as well as consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. Implementing this business model that will serve these varied, yet related, interests is both our challenge and our opportunity.

      Every motor vehicle can now be regarded as a new room of the 'TV-Household'. Drivers comprise a subset of one of the most sought after demographic profiles for advertisers. It's easier now than ever before for broadcast television programming to be enjoyed while on the go, and to even have this usage quantified.1

      We'll promote the many and diverse ways to "Hear TV In Cars" that will soon be available, sell both our own and co-branded devices at every price point, and show people how to adapt gear they already have to hear free TV, in real time, through any motor vehicle's existing sound system.

      By cultivating affiliate marketing and promotional initiatives with broadcast client/associates, we'll capitalize on their unique marketing capacities to develop awareness and drive demand that will generate new revenue streams and brand extension for local and network broadcast outlets.

      We'll promote the most TV Broadcaster 'affiliate-friendly' of all the new offerings and can create a framework to exploit other developments on the horizon.

      As America's newest hobby takes form, consumers will re-invigorate their over-the-air TV relationships and know that they can turn to them, everywhere . . . . all the time.

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